My name is Alex, I am originally from Switzerland and now live in Iquitos. I am the creator of the Ayahuascaportal, the administrator of this site, and responsible for its content.

For several years I have been working with the plant medicine, Ayahuasca, and have a lot of experience working with her. I am deeply grateful that I have come into contact with her and I want to share my knowledge about this subject so that more people can experience this healing medicine and develop working with nature.

It is important to me that you know you can contact us at any time to ask questions about this subject. Whether you have an interest in one of our offers or not, does not matter. We share our experience and  knowledge with everyone who wants to know more about it.

For German speaking people, I am able to communicate with you in your mother tongue. If you speak English, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese, I will forward your queries to another competent team member. I will be happy to help you!

Warm regards from Peru, Alex

Cei Cei

I was raised by catholic nuns in a children’s home in Scotland till the age of 16. So I have had a very religious background.

I have to say when I was young I really loved it until I started to realise that something just wasn’t adding up and nobody could answer my questions of which I had many and of course the repetitiveness of the Mass was now getting to me among other things.

So it lead me on a quest from an early age into different religions and of course then into the whole new age era and into spirituality. I could say my lifes ambition then was to be in that ever-eluding state of enlightenment.

I dabbled in astrology, numerology, taro, and witchcraft. Then into Counselling, EFT laughing Yoga and all kinds of personal development and spiritual groups. I’ve worked various jobs and I have travelled and lived abroad for many years, which also helped me expand my mind.

My first love was my personal growth spiritually and my second was traveling and my jobs were just there to support me along the way until I started working with children which I loved and I did for 15 years in various ways as I found them to be the beast teaches as they are constantly just who they are in the moment and of course they are so much fun.

Later I also had the burning desire to share what I have learned and although I have in many ways and people have always come to me for spiritual advice but it never seamed enough for me and felt my fears were stopping me from progressing.

I had that thing many of you are familiar with that I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t know enough and had to be absolutely sure that what I was saying was the truth. I can't tell you how tiring that was! So how did I get here: I became disillusioned with everything there was nothing new, nothing was inspiring me I wanted to go further but the outside world wasn’t reflecting anything new back to me. I wanted to find a way bring everything I knew into practice.

It was about this time I heard about Ayahuasca on my first trip to Peru and other plant medicines of the amazon jungle. And then it kept showing up in my reality and I was given a clear message that what I needed was in Peru.

So I made plans to return to Peru this time to the amazon jungle and Iquitos. Now after my time with the plant medicines my desire to share has grown even stronger and thanks to my path with these medicines I’m now in a place I can do that in a way that I love.

My ambition in life now is to live every moment as fully as I can because I feel that that’s the best way to honour the life. I love this job and what these medicines have shown me. I love the people I work with and I just love working with our guests and watching their process through this stage of their journey.

We are here to answer any of your questions you have about these medicines and to help you find your own answers to your own personal self development. There’s nothing more satisfying for me when I see that little light bulb light in someone’s eyes and it happens a lot here. Hopefully ill get the chance to see it in yours.

xxx Cei Cei


My understanding of who and what I am started as far back as I can remember. I saw things other people couldn't see and could feel how everybody around me felt. 

After some years of deep soul searching, and reading every book I could find that explained a lot, I still wasn't ready to fully accept myself and the gifts that I had - until I travelled to Peru and my whole life changed. After several ceremonies with San Pedro (Wachuma) and Ayahuasca, I was able to integrate everything. 

As well as my natural healing gifts, I'm trained as a Counsellor, I am a Master Practitioner of NLP, a practitioner of Timeline Therapy and Inner Child work, and, since living in Iquitos, a Kambo practitioner.

Working as a Facilitator with natural medicines allows me the opportunity to use all my skills to assist guests in clearing any blocks and bringing peace and love into their experiences with the medicines.

I feel extremely privileged to share this space with you, and to hold this space for you.



My name is Laura, I know the area of the Peruvian Amazon well and travel there again and again to connect me with the power of the plant medicine, to grow through it and to develop myself and my abilities.

Energy work with all its different tools and techniques has been with me for many years. I am grateful to live with consciousness work and its self-knowledge, shadow work and its transformation power as well as healing and growth through herbal medicine.

Above all, working with master plants has taught me to honor life on earth, to respect my own body, to celebrate the power of the heart and to love out of the same. I support the Ayahuascaportal team out of Switzerland, where I live and work.

Happy for my life with all its challenges and insights, I am here to share my knowledge and to support you energetically and with an open heart. If you would like to know more about my mediumistic work or if you have questions about mediality, mental healing or plant medicine, feel free to contact me via the contact form or visit my website

I'm looking forward to reading from you.