What is a Dieta (Masterplant Diet)?

"Masterplanst" are plants that carry the power of cleansing, healing and/or teaching within them. The term "diet" stands for renunciation and discipline.

The plant diet is a millennia-old tradition for shamans from the Peruvian Amazon to dwelve deeper into the cosmic teachings. Over the years and several dietas, shamans gain the knowledge they need for their healing work by taking in various master plants. The plants are taken in the form of a drink. For this purpose, a part of the bark, the trunk, the leaves or the flower is used.

A "Masterplant diet" is suitable for all people who feel the desire to immerse themselves deeply in the process work. Whilst helpful, however, it is not a requirement if experiences have already been had with "la Madre" Ayahuasca. A Dieta gives us the opportunity to go one step further in personal development and to delve deeper into the essence of healing work.

The beginning of a Dieta concludes an energetic contract between the learner and the plant. An early interruption or failure to comply with the rules can be dangerous to your physical and / or mental health and often results in the repetition of the entire diet!

The duration of a plant diet can be set individually and varies in length. Depending on the theme, the Dieta lasts at least 7 days to several months. People who did not grow up in the Amazon region should not work with the plants for more than 30 days without interruption. In the course of a Dieta, some Ayahuasca ceremonies usually take place, which are often experienced even more intensively through the renunciation of any external influences, whilst on Dieta, and the interplay of the plants.

The plant on which to start a diet is usually a decision of the shaman. In a first Ayahuasca ceremony, he gets an overview of the student and thus determines their master plan. Also, it may be that you feel strongly attracted to a plant. This intuition should be strictly observed and discussed with the shaman.

Working with the plants requires a great deal of maturity and commitment.

During the Dieta some restrictions are essential. In the traditional form this is to be without salt, sugar, fat, chili, sex, alcohol, drugs and any cosmetics dispensed during this time, without exception. In order to be able to focus intensely on one's own process, isolation in the middle of nature (usually in a small hut of one's own) is crucial. Only the shaman or the helpers, who have already lived through some Dietas themselves, are authorized to contact the person. The renouncements are of great importance for the plant work. Body, mind and soul can open themselves to the spirit of plants without distraction, thus giving them access to all levels of human existence. The acquired high sensitivity allows the masterplants to trigger processes by penetrating deep into the physical and energetic organism of the learner and unfolding their magic there. Devotion is a very important aspect of this work. Here, too, the more learners give in through focus, intention, commitment and trust, the more they are allowed to experience, be healed and understood. After a Dieta, the learner will receive the spirits of the plants for a lifetime.

I have already undergone several Dietas and was allowed to experience intensive experiences with the master plants and connect with this medicine and its spirits. The intensity of the processes that trigger the different plants is difficult to describe and, of course, very individual. The song of the plants helped me to strengthen the connection to their energy. In addition, the shaman taught me how important it is to drink medicine with love.

In this sometimes very difficult and challenging time I was able to learn, heal, accept and transform a lot about myself. Creativity, body awareness and intuition unfolded in this intense time and the access to cosmic knowledge was intensified. I was allowed to learn that without exception EVERYTHING is contained within oneself. Seeing through the negative thought patterns as well as the power that grows out of the heart are just two of many wonderful gifts given to me by that time.

My media work with clients has also been given more depth by the Dietas. For me, the essence of such awareness work is always that the gifts that are being experienced can be passed on with love.

Integrating this work after completing the diet is at least as important as the time of the plant diet itself.

Nature has all the power to heal - you are part of that nature.

Fuerza y Amor, Laura


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