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Natural Medicine Healing Retreat in Iquitos


The Natural Medicine Healing Retreat is the only retreat ran by Ayahuascaportal.

The focus of this retreat is on personal healing, self-development and tradition.

We've managed to get the two most powerful shamans we know for this retreat.

Together they have more than 100 years of experience in the shamanic healing ways.

For generations, this knowledge has been passed on in their family and so today father and son work together in this retreat.

Through our own work for years with plant medicine and experience as facilitators, we know exactly where the focus must be to get the most value for each and every participant in the retreat.

With our Natural Medicine Healing Retreat, we have created together with our shamans, a program that we believe will accomplish this goal.


What is so special about our retreat and what does that mean for you as a participant?

- In addition to five ayahuasca ceremonies in ten days, we also offer you two Kambo treatments, a flower bath, rapé and Sananga eye drops. (All optional)

- Our retreat takes place in small groups up to max. 8 participants and is led by two facilitators, as well as two shamans.

Through that, we guarantee maximum safety for our participants and we also ensure that the shamans have enough time to work with each and every one of you personally in the ceremonies.

- Because we believe that drinking your own medicine creates a deeper connection with the ayahuasca spirit, you will make your own ayahuasca, under the guidance of 1 of the shamans and you will drink your self-made ayahuasca from the third ceremony.

- All of our Facilitators have years of experience in dealing with Ayahuasca and have a broad base knowledge. Through daily group and one-on-one conversations, they will help you to understand and integrate the experiences.

- Because the focus of the retreat is on personal development, we want to avoid big distractions so that everyone has enough time to work with and on themselves.

Nevertheless we will visit a typical traditional village in the Amazon and explore the jungle during these 10 days .

We offer all participants a plant dieta during the 10-day retreat. The retreat price remains unchanged. Participants who decide for a plant dieta can not receive Kambo treatments, because Kambo interrupts the plant dieta.


You can download the detailed Natural Medicine Healing Retreat Program here.


Private Retreats

If you would like a retreat in an intimate setting, then this is possible. We offer you and your friends your very own private Natural Medicine Healing Retreat upon request. 

Places available for the following retreat dates:

July 22, 2019 - July 31, 2019 (sold out)

August 19, 2019 - August 28, 2019 (sold out)



Natural Medicine Healing Retreat 10 days

1500 USD per person

All transportation from town to the center and back, overnight stays, meals, ceremonies and treatments are included in the quoted price.

For more information please use the contact form or send us an email.

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